Michael Crafter
Michael Crafter
Orgin Dee Why
Genres Powerviolence, Hardcore/Punk
Years Active 2009 - Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels ???
Associated Acts ???
Official website http://michaelcrafter.bandcamp.com/

Two piece powerviolence band with a good sense of humour.


*Winston… This One's For You (2009)
*D​.​Y or Die (2010)
*Live @ Hot Damn (2010)
*Double Doomin' (2011)
*A Hessian's Confession (2011)
*South East Asia Tour Split w/Family Man, Injakmati and Atomgevitter (2011)
*P.V. Part Split w/Jawa (2011)
*4 Way Split w/To Die, CounterAttack! and Jabat Tangan (2012)
*Split w/SMG (2012)
*Split w/Vile Specimen (2013)
*Split w/Clowns (2013)

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