Neil Perry
Neil Perry
Orgin New Jersey
Genres Screamo
Years Active 1998-2003
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Spiritfall, Level Plane Records, Witching Hour, Robotic Empire
Associated Acts Hot Cross, Joshua Fit For Battle, A Life Once Lost, Superstitions of the Sky, The Now, Get Fucked, Welcome the Plague Year, Usurp Synapse, A Satellite Crash, Kaospilot, A Days Refrain
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Neil Perry was a screamo band from New Jersey that got their name from a suicidal teenager in that Robin Williams movie "The Dead Poet Society". Pretty br007 huh? Anywho, Neil Perry was really fast and thrashy on some songs, while in other songs they sound alot more melodic and junk. Neil Perry was formed back in '98 when You And I broke up, but they have a ton of affiliated bands, including Hot Cross, Joshua Fit For Battle, and Welcome The Plague Year. They did a split with Joshua Fit For Battle and some other bands. Level Plane put out a 40 song discography called Lineage Situation. W0RD UP PUP PUP


Josh Jakubowski - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Smith - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Marinari - Vocals, Bass
Justin Graves - Drums


Neil Perry (2000, Spiritfall)
Neil Perry VS Usurp Synapse split (2000, Level Plane Records)
Brothers from Different Mothers Neil Perry VS Joshua Fit For Battle split (2001, Level Plane Records)
Get Our Tour On (2001, Level Plane Records)
Neil Perry VS A Satellite Crash split (2001, Spiritfall)
Neil Perry VS Kaospilot split (2002, Level Plane Records)
Neil Perry (2002, Witching Hour
Neil Perry VS A Days Refrain split (2002, Robotic Empire)
Lineage Situation (2003, Level Plane Records)

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