Nido Di Vespe Peggioklasse Distemper Voltos Santos Lafollia

Let's start by saying that this concert hasn't been advertised anywhere: I didn't see flyers around on that day, and it wasn't even advertised on Facebook, but actually Michele, singer of Lafollia, told me he was playing with his band at Polo Carmignani. Word about it went out while I was talking with some friend of mine on the phone, so I got there with my bandmate from Rum-Ore who went away after a few minutes, but a little later I met some friends from University; basically we hung out drinking some beer and chatting while the opening act Lafollia was performing a long and tiring soundcheck that literally exhausted one of my friends who had to go home because it was 12 AM when that concert started; I don't even know when it ended. At the venue I met some other friends from my city and from Firenze.
In fact, three weeks ago I had a trip to Florence with my sludge band Chains of Poets and we saw the Duomo of Florence and then went to Villa Panico, a squat and concert venue very far away from the city, in a park called Villa San Salvi. It's a 5-star squat: everyone is nice and hospitable, the food they prepared (pasta and cecina, that is, chickpeas pie) was delicious and the accommodation was the best part, since the size of the structure allowed for the maximum privacy, the bedrooms were large and spacious and the place was rather clean.
But returning to last night, LAFOLLIA started extremely late but performed an extremely good show: they played most of their songs from their album Lamiapioggia and unleashed some wild mosh in the first rows (I should say that the amount of moshing violence escalated very quickly during the course of the night). The band was precise and tight as always, but the sound system literally sucked: one of the guitar players was attached to a 20W Peavey amp recumbent on a chair, the mic wire was too short and the microphone itself was extremely old and rugged, so the voice wasn't always present… Despite these unfortunate technical issues, LAFOLLIA confirmed itself as one of the most fierce, angry and above all socially attentive bands in Pisa. Pisa is a sleeping city and needs bands as focused as LAFOLLIA. They work together with Garage Anarchico, which is a centre for anarchist documentation and discussion in my very city of Pisa! Also, some members of LAFOLLIA are ELF activists, but I'm not sure about that.
After Lafollia, VOLTO SANTOS from Lucca rushed towards the stage with just their panties and no shirt, wearing colored hoods like Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot are probably the only real punk band in the world, because they are noisier than your local post-hc garage band and feature sharp and focused lyrics about the Russian lack of democracy, corruption of the political and religious orders, and the violence of the Police! I only know about one other punk musician who got arrested many times because of the lyrics of his songs, and that one is Jello Biafra! But Volto Santos aren't definitely a political band, they are just an extremely funny party band, perfect for some wild mosh! I swear I saw a skinhead biting the arm of another! These two guys were hugging and throwing each other against people, it was insane! VOLTO SANTOS play some drunken and noisy punk in the vein of Brains or Authorities, but sometimes they were speeding up the pace with fast d-beats and louder screams in the vein of Necros and Millions of Dead Cops. As obvious with any hardcore punk band, the structure of the song wasn't understandable as well as the lyrics, but the impact was unrelenting and powerful.
The last band we saw was DISTEMPER. DISTEMPER is just unmarkable, they are one of the most dangerous live bands that I have ever seen! They are cannibals starving for the blood of the innocent, they are serial killers that park their car at the gas stop, pick up their chainsaw and enter the Autogrill sawing everybody to death. The singer was screaming his lungs out, and the drummer was a little bit of a misfit weirdo, since he had long mossy hair and a well-knit moustache as ganja-friendly homies used to sport back in the Seventies, but as soon as I had noticed that he was wearing an Anti-Cimex t-shirt I understood perfectly well that shit was getting real. The bass player had piercings everywhere (and by saying everywhere I MEAN everywhere) and some trippy tattoos all over his body. He was jumping like a monkey all around the place and screaming. I didn't notice the guitar player, probably too engaged in his bad LSD trip to take notice of anything. The singer, while screaming, was running towards people and hitting them with the full force of his body, pulling people and throwing them all over the place, screaming in the face of the audience. That guy was crazy, but funny! He also stretched a few times on the floor while screaming, so I jumped on him, yelled at his face and hit him with my knee (just for fun!), and after he got up he gave me the middle finger. That's how it goes in the hardcore underworld, hostility is banished and everything is fun and games! The moshing was extremely dangerous at that very moment, and many people fell to the ground or got seriously hurt during the show, but fortunately nobody broke his or her bones or was shedding blood, so everything ended up all right!
After that, I talked a bit with my friends and we all got home because it was too late in the night and we were too tired to do anything but sleeping (I had yawned for the last twenty minutes while the others were talking. Yes, I know it's impolite, but I love to yawn, I feel like I'm singing…).
I actually went to a house party after the concert hehehe, we were all tripping to Ravi and Anita Shankar and playing music until 4 AM! Such a lovely night!
A special mention goes to the elderly and wise Rolando, a great anarchist from Pisa who always hangs out at Punk Hardcore concert to sell anarchist books and magazines, of which I had bought a few but read none.

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