Nihilistic Holocaust Records
Founded 2002
Founder G. S.
Genre Death metal. Brutal death
Country of origin France
Location {$location}
Official website

Underground Death metal and extreme music tape/ CDr label located in France.
Active as a fanzine since 1998.
Active as a label since 2002.

Table of Contents


  • EXCORIATE (Chile) Of the ghastly stench Demo tape. 2017
  • BLACK BLEEDING (Fra) The awakening MCD. 2017
  • OSSUAIRE (Fra)Le Troubadour NecrophagĂ©ophile MCD. 2016
  • BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) A bright future Tape. 2015
  • ATAVISMA (Fra) Where wolves once dwelled Demo tape. 2014
  • TRENCHROT (Usa) Dragged down to hell Demo tape. 2013
  • SOLOTHUS (Fin) Ritual of the horned skull Demo tape. 2013.
  • ALTARS/ HEAVING EARTH Split tape. 2012.


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