Off Minor
Off Minor
Orgin New York City
Genres Emo, Hardcore
Years Active 1999-2008
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Level Plane Records, Golden Brown Records, Paramnesia Records
Associated Acts Thelonious Monk, Saetia, Bore War, I Am The Resurrection, Life Detecting Coffins, St. Alban's Kids, My Disco, Killie, Ampere
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Ex-Saetia members Jamie Behar, Matt Smith and Steven Roche formed the Emo/Hardcore band Saetia in New York City during the year 1999. Then Kevin, Steven's brother, went to play bass. They released three albums and six EPs and splits and all over Europe, Australia, Asia, and the United States. They are named after a Thelonious Monk song. Steven Roche has Permanent Hearing Damage Recording Studios in Philadelphia. Kevin and Steven Roche currently play in Bore War.


Jamie Behar - vocals, guitar
Kevin Roche - bass
Steven Roche - vocals, drums


Off Minor VS I Am The Resurrection Split (2000)
Problematic Courtship (2002)
Off Minor VS Life Detecting Coffins split (2003)
The Heat Death of the Universe (2003)
Innominate (2004)
Off Minor VSSt. Alban's Kids split (2005)
Off Minor VS My Disco split (2005)
Off Minor VS Killie split (2008)
Off Minor VS Ampere split (2008)
Some Blood (2008)

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