Oltretomba was a noisecore one-man band with hints of black metal, above all because of the harsh vocals, and punk rock for the guitar work. It actually featured Matteo Berni on both guitar and voice. The guitar was dischorded and kind of broken, and the Marshall guitar amplifier kind of finished bad because it was burnt down by overdrive. Only a few recorded sessions remain of this unfortunate noisecore project. The plan was to release a CD with 7 tracks, such as the letters of the name of the project, and leave it in crowded public places so that people would keep them for curiosity and get scared to death by the brutal noise (a strategy of sonic terrorism against the neo-fascist and violently rejecting middle class). Matteo would have only revealed that he was behind the project only before the total epilogue of both his body and soul, that is his death. But he would have left a legacy that would have lived forever.

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