On The Might Of Princes
On The Might Of Princes
Orgin Long Island
Genres Post-Hardcore, Screamo
Years Active 1998-2004
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Creep, Revelation, Rok Lok
Associated Acts The Brass, Vehicles, Blakfish, Tidal Arms, Julie Christmas, Oscenita, Gracer, Criteria, Villa Vina, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Primitive Weapons, No Way, The Judas Knife, Shai Hulud, Earth Crisis, Limbs, God's Gift to Women, Small Arms Dealer, Fellow Project, Go White Bronco, With Every Idle Hour
Official website https://www.facebook.com/onthemightofprinces

On the Might of Princes was a post-hardcore/proto-screamo act from Long Island, NY, who released 3 full-lengths during their time together, the last of which came via Revelation Records. Members went on to form Gracer.


Jason Rosenthal - Guitar, vocals, melodica
Lou Fontana - Guitar, vocals
Tom Orza - Bass, vocals
Chris Enriquez - Drums, percussion, piano


Where You Are And Where You Want To Be (2001, Creep)
Sirens (2003, Revelation)
Reissues (2007, Eugenics/Rok Lok)

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