Orgin Italy
Genres They're dangerous people, you don't ask, they don't tell
Years Active 2001 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels Load, Bar La Muerte, Bis Aufs Messer, Blossoming Noise, Wallace Records, GK, Ecstatic Yod, Little Mafia, Luna Records, Sunship, Cold Coffeine Addict, Where Late the Birds Sang, Morirete Tutti Records, FriendsandRelatives, ctrlaltcanc.tk, Imvated
Associated Acts Nadja, Daniele Brusaschetto, Rollerball, Claudio Rocchetti, Sinistri, Mr. Natural, Smut, Cock ESP, With Love, KK Null, Tremor, Hermit, Bill Horist
Official website http://ovolive.blogspot.it/

Close your eyes. You may think Satan is singing. Open them: you’ll a small masked woman, with dreadlocks down the her ankles, and without vocal effects.
Close your eyes again: you’ll think of a heavy metal double kick drum set. Open them again: a gigantic, wrestling masked man is torturino a floor tom, a snare and a cymbal, standing up, no kick.
Two people, half gear, enough to bring Hell.
This is OvO.
What they do is not easy to file. Not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit af all these genres. Sure it’s not free, nor avant, and definitely not improv. For once, yes, we can really say we can’t file a band.
They release records on Load ( www.loadrecords.com ), Bar La Muerte ( www.barlamuerte.com ), and Blossoming Noise ( www.blossomingnoise.com ).
The last one (Crocevia) was released by Load in 2009.
Their performances are legendary and brought them (from 2000 to nowadays), to play about 600 shows all over the world, from Europe to Mexico, from North America to Israel.
They made records or tours or shows with, among the others, Nadja, KK Null, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, Rollerball, Thrones, SubArachnoidSpace, Zenigeva, Lightning Bolt, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Estradasphere, Steve Mc Kay, Trencher, Ludicra, Bill Horist, USA Is a Monster, White Mice, Cock ESP, Bastard Noise, Zu, Larsen, Kill Me Tomorrow, Murder Junkies, Jarboe, A Hawk and a Hacksaw…


Assassine (2001, Bar La Muerte
Vae Victis (2002, Bar La Muerte)
My First Cowboy OvO VS Rollerball split (2002, Bar La Muerte)
OvO VS Hermit split (2003, Where Late The Birds Sang)
Cicatrici (2004, Bar La Muerte)
OvO VS KK Null (2004, Bar La Muerte/Sunship)
OvO VS Tremor split (2004, Cold Coffeine Addict)
Live in Amerika (2004, Imvated)
OvO VS With Love split (2005, Luna Records)
Miastenia (2006, Load)
Live in Ljubljana Radio Student (2006, FriendsandRelatives)
OvO VS MrNatural split (2006, GK)
OvO VS Smut split (2006, Ecstatic Yod)
OvO VS Cock ESP split (2006, Little Mafia)
OvO VS Sinistri split (2007, Wallace Records)
CroceVia (2008, Load)
Voodoo (2008, Morirete Tutti Records)
OvO RMXD by Daniele Brusaschetto (2009, Blossoming Noise)
OvO VS Claudio Rocchetti split (2009, Wallace Records)
The Life and Death of a Wasp OvO VS Nadja split (2010, Bis Aufs Messer)
Live at CPA Firenze (ctrlaltcanc.tk)

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