Orgin Raleigh, NC
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 2016 - 2018
Country of origin USA
Labels To Live A Lie
Associated Acts Gas Chamber, NoComply, Resist Control, Suppressive Fire
Official website http://oxidant.bandcamp.com

DIY punk/hc/powerviolence band from Raleigh, NC. Queer/non-binary singer and politically charged lyrics.


  • Will Saenz
  • Mike Gifford
  • Will Butler
  • KJ


Compilation appearances

  • Various - American Idylls (2018, Sorry State Records)
  • Various - To Live A Lie Volume III ‎(2018, To Live A Lie Records)
  • Various - A Benefit Comp To Help Pay Medical Bills For Those Activists Fighting Against Fascism & Racism (2017, Get Better Records)
  • Various - The Fast, The Slow, The Violent (2018, Knochentapes)
  • Various - TBA (2018, Born Dead Records)

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