Parlamentarisk Sodomi
Parlamentarisk Sodomi
Orgin Norway
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 2006 - Present
Country of origin Norway
Labels Prostata Records
Associated Acts Blodsprut., Laserguys, Psudoku, BxSxRx
Official website

Norway, 2006: An unbelievably creepy coalition regime of unsexy centralist parties fumble through their responsibilities with brainsmashing recklessness – not unlike a drunk, puking punk attempting to masturbate – leaving the population astonished with threats of horrible war, annihilated infants, tedious bureaucracy and really bad sex. In an attempt to rectify these bitch-like conditions, a grindcore band named Parlamentarisk Sodomi is formed, not only to reprimand soiled, abused freedoms, not only to administrate true Norwegian sodomy , but to kinkify the future with indecent rethoric, politically correct power chords and semen drenched no-confidence votes.
Parlamentarisk Sodomi is a very vaguely organized lobbyist guerrilla surrounded by puzzling myth and infamy. Papirmøllen, the band’s only member, rarely appears in public, if so usually to throw dildos and pornographic manifests at local politicians. Being highly ambitious, this sicko has taken it upon himself to soil and redefine the very foundations of parliamentarism, voting, freedom and buttsex.
The hippies, poets, philosophers, political science students and drunkards who constitute Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s fanbase are hornily awaiting the next Parlamentarisk Sodomi release. Fjords, forests and glaciers worldwide are trembling with fear. Fuck all systems at the same time!


Har Du Sagt A Far Du Si Nal (2008)
De Anarkistiske An(n)aler (2009)
Regnskog. Fred Og Vegetarmat (2009)
Parlamentarisk Sodomi VS Blodsprut split (2010)
Parlamentarisk Sodomi VS Laserguys split (2011)



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