Orgin Zagreb
Genres Grindcore, Punk Rock, Noise
Years Active 1983 - Present
Country of origin Croatia
Labels EU '91/Serbian League
Associated Acts Anal Cunt, Hladno Pivo, Extreme Smoke, Cripple Bastards, Atta, U.B.R., Stres D.A., T.M.P., Extreme Noise Terror, Debilana, Agathocles, Crucifix, Starakoka Masnajuha, Burek Death Squat, Buka
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Patareni are a punk rock / noise / grindcore band from Croatia, formed in 1983. They are considered to be one of the earliest grindcore bands. Their name comes from Pataria, a medieval sect. Through many releases they gained a reputation as a cult band and many bands have cited Patareni as being one of their primary influence, which prompted the release of A Tribute to the Patareni. In 2009, Terrorizer listed Patareni's Back to the Roots as one of its top 20 essential European grindcore albums. James Hoare commented: "Much beloved by Anal Cunt's Seth Putnam, who felt moved enough to write to them back in the day, Croatia's Patareni were the band for whom the word 'raw' was coined.. Hugely influential, some grindcore historians even argue they were the first. Either way, 'Back to the Roots' is a feats of strangely melodic crust and urgent stabs of grind like the twelve-second 'Sajkunda'." Patareni guitarist Davor played also for Hladno Pivo, one of the most popular rock bands in Croatia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia. Two members of Slovenian grindcore group Extreme Smoke also occasionally played in Patareni. Former member Giulio the Bastard of Italian grindcore band Cripple Bastards has also sung for Patareni.


G@no vocals
Hadžo guitar
Spitoo drums
Zurko bass


Deadland Massacre
Untalented after all these seconds
From Here To Eternity - Live In New Pingvinovo
Demo #1,26-6-86
Odavde nas nitko nemre sterat
Good Bye, The Legends
Worth mentioning
I Wonder Who The Real Cannibals Are / There Can Be Only One
Empathy with them - it's a mockery
Stop the war and bring the noiz
Za osobne potrebe odjebi
Bob dylan is dead
Mi smo zapušteni dečki
Več 15 godina fax se ne završava
The hammer inside
Corrosion of humanity
Never healed
Nezadovoljstvo je energija
Tko ne pamti iznova proživljava
Debilana sessions
Patareni VS Atta Deadland massacre split
Patareni VS U.B.R. Back from the dead split
Patareni VS Stres D.A. - Made in Balkan split
Patareni VS Anal Cunt - Good-bye the legends split
Patareni VS T.M.P. - Debilana sessions split
Patareni VS Extreme Noise Terror - The split noiz split
Patareni VS Debilana Mi smo djeca debilane split
Patareni VS Anal Cunt - I.R.C. or no reply split
Patareni VS Cripple Bastards split
Patareni VS Agathocles split
Patareni VS Crucifix split
Patareni VS Cripple Bastards split
Patareni VS U.B.R. split
Patareni VS Starakoka masnajuha - Split porno
Patareni VS Burek Death Squat split
Patareni VS Buka Zbukarana Histereza Zbrda Zdola Zamjenjena Mjesta Pribrojnicima Bazične Nedovršene I Nepostojeće Pjesme Svih Tonaliteta U Falšu Basic Rehearsal Songs split

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