Perth Express
Perth Express
Orgin Germany
Genres Metal, Hardcore
Years Active 2003-Present
Country of origin Germany
Labels Crucificados Pelo Sistema, Powerviolence Records, Vendetta Records, Trująca Fala, Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records, Adagio830
Associated Acts La Fabbrica degli Aggettivi a Gettoni, Pharmaceutical Experiment, Copyright Controlled
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Following in the path of bands like His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Mastodon, and Baroness, Perth Express step the genre of down-tuned hardcore driven metal up to a new level of intensity and songwriting. This discography CD features the German band’s 12”, 10”, 7” and demo, all of which were previously unreleased in the States. The 23-track monster of a record is housed in a black recycled cardboard case with a hand silk-screened gold ink interior and folded insert. Without any exaggeration I can say this is without a doubt one of the most powerful and memorable metal/hardcore records released in the last decade.


Enrico, Matthias, Richard, Steffen


Demo (2004)
Perth Express VS Hellström split (2004, Crucificados Pelo Sistema/Powerviolence Records)
Perth Express (2004, Crucificados Pelo Sistema)
Perth Express (2006, Vendetta Records)
Discography (2007, Trująca Fala/Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records)
Harrow and Wealdstone (2008, Vendetta Records)
Perth Express VS Zann VS Trainwreck VS Ghostlimb 4-Way Split (2008, Adagio380)

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