Pg 99
Orgin Sterling, Virginia
Genres Screamo
Years Active 1997-2011
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Sacapuntas Records, Robodog Records, Reptilian Records, Witching Hour Records, Magic Bullet Records, Happy Couples Never Last, Electric Human Project, Scene Police, Old School Kids, SzSS, Level Plane Records, Perpetual Motion Machine Records
Associated Acts Enemy Soil, Reactor No. 7, Process Is Dead, City of Caterpillar, Waifle, Majority Rule, Circle Takes The Square
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Pg. 99 (pageninetynine) was a screamo six-piece, then eight-piece from Sterling, Virginia: two singers, three guitarists, two bassists and a drummer. They would sometimes enlist two other musicians for some songs.


Chris Taylor - vocals
Blake Midgette - vocals
Mike Taylor - guitar
Jonny Ward - drums, percussion
Cory Stevenson - bass
George Crum - guitar
Brandon Evans - bass, vocals
Jonathan Moore - guitar
Kevin Longendyke - bass
Mike Casto - guitar
TL Smoot - bass


Document No. 1 - Demo (1999)
Document No. 2 - pg.99 VS Enemy Soil split (Sacapuntas Records, 1999)
Document No. 3 - pg.99 VS Reactor No. 7 split (Robodog Records, 1999)
Document No. 4 - Tour (Robodog Records, 1999)
Document No. 5 - pg.99 (Reptilian Records, 2000)
Document No. 6 - pg.99 VS Process is Dead split (Witching Hour Records, 2000)
Document No. 7 - pg.99 (Magic Bullet Records/Happy Couples Never Last, 2001)
Document No. 8 - pg.99 (Robotic Empire/Electric Human Project/Scene Police/Old Skool Kids/SzSS, 2001)
Document No. 9: A Split Personality pg.99 VS City of Caterpillar split (Level Plane Records, 2001)
Document No. 10: Do You Need A Play To Stay? pg.99 VS Waifle split (Magic Bullet Records, 2001)
Document No. 11 - Reissue of Documents No. 3 and No. 4 (Robotic Empire, 2002)
Document No. 12 - pg.99 VS Majority Rule split (Magic Bullet Records, 2002)
Document No. 13: Pyramids in Cloth pg.99 VS Circle Takes the Square split (Perpetual Motion Machine Records, 2002)
Document No. 14: Singles - CD containing all vinyl/compilation/demo tracks (Reptilian Records, 2003/2011, Robotic Empire)

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