Orgin portland,( OR )san antonio (TX), dallas (TX), new york city( NY)
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 1990 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Relapse, Willow Tip, Deep Six
Associated Acts Plutocracy, Corrupted, Resist and Exist, Gadget, Extinction of Mankind
Official website

Formed in Orange County California in 1990, Phobia has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade. Dealing out their savage combination of the energy and ideals of hardcore punk mixing it with the power and brutality of early grind, Phobia has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as Chaos U.K, Grave, & Napalm Death.


Shane The Pain
CC Grind
Calum MacKenzie
Bryan Fajardo
Dorian Rainwater


22 Random Acts of Violence (2005)
Return to Desolation (2008)
Unrelenting (2010)

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