Pope S Ass
Pope's Ass
Founded 2009
Founder Name
Genre hc/punk. fastcore. grindcore. crust. d-beat. noise.
Country of origin Czech Republik
Location Europe
Official website http://www.popesass.cz

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Pope's Ass created in 2009 as a framework for all years of my activity. Especially for the festival Pallasit and other events, which I sometimes do. It will be continued occasionally involved in the issue of where various records and will support activities associated with this underground of our culture, which is extensive, unfortunately sometimes too fragmented.To promote and participate is possible in impossible things too - let us know … Everything is welcome, what is spinning around the HC / punk, grindcore, fastcore, crust, d-beat, noise and similar directions….. small D.I.Y. label.
Another activity is assembling of a database of Czech - Slovak rock vinyl after 1993. And a collection of these vinyls.
And why the name, many of you can ask - because of fuck off all religions and the Church!
Fuck off nazi idiots!!!


12"lp v/a Tribute to Pallasit (1992 - 2012), 6/2012
Pope's Ass productions
bands: Rabies, Onanizer, Insania, Not!, Ucházím, Pray For Death, Propaganda, Saywhy?, Průmyslová smrt, Six-Score (Austria), Napalmed, Lycanthrophy, Kobra XI, Konfident , Josef Mařánek, Rv4, Into Sickness (Mexico), Needful Things, Půlnoční svoz popela /P.S.P./, Dezinfekce, Hiroshima Nightmare
more here: Lp compilation Pallasit

shape split lp Rabies / S.U.S.U., 4/2012

lp Sheeva Yoga - Svět ten čert vem, 7/2011

10'' split Demerit (China) / SS20 (Ger), 6/2011

T -shirt Pallasit fest, ltd edition 32 pcs, 6/2011

lp compilation Posloucháte Jižní Čechy III, clear vinyl, + earplugs, 9/2010
bands: Behind The Cemetery Wall, Stand Up-Speak Up!, But, Hiroshima Nightmare, Liver Garnish, Katarakta, Ünfarkt, Resort, Rotten Brats, K.Z.O., Flaška Visočini

split lp March Of The Hordes / Disbeatless, 7/2010

split ep Fan Zui Xiang Fa (China) / SS20 (Germany) + download code, first press, 04/2010

lp compilation Posloucháte Jižní Čechy 2, + earplugs, 09/2009
bands: Gride, Pressboil, P.M.L.Z., Dezinfekce, Radiolokátor, Mururoa, S.O.S., Den Za Dnem

lp Hibakusha - Mordparta, 06/2009

split ep Fire walk with me / Kobra 11, 05/2009

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