Population Reduction
Population Reduction
Orgin Oberlin, Ohio
Genres Death Metal
Years Active 1999 - 2006
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Noisick Records, Tankcrimes Records
Associated Acts Abscess, Magrudergrind, Schnauzer, Unholy Grave, Mutual Abuse, Ghoul, Jena Carpenter, Lucifer's Hammer, Hepsi, Strung Up, Scorched Earth, Black Goat, Voetsek, Impaled, Nunslaughter, Insanity, Blown To Bits, Gouge, Death By Excess, Dog Assassin, I Will Kill You Fucker, Creative Waste, Dream Bitches, Scurvy Dogs, Skarp, Jaccuzi, Dysmorfic
Official website http://www.populationreduction.net/

The year was 1999. It was a sunny September day. The birds sang thier age old songs…the trees swayed gentley with the sweet scented breeze of early fall. All was well in the sleepy little college town known as Oberlin, Ohio.

Little did the world know of the horrible disaster that was waiting to unfold.

A man known to all as "Brother Jim" had come to town to make racist, sexist and homophobic remarks to the "sinners" of this hedonistic little community. Whilst his biggoted diatribes filled the motley crowd with feelings of anger and thoughts of the macabre, Guitar player and ranked amatuer asshole Peter Svoboda happened to be walking by the town square just a tiny bit baked, as was his wont.

He saw the gathered specticle and became enthralled, realizing that assholery was afoot. He decided to waste no time, and began his verbal assault against the wandering ass preacher. Peter began to mock brother Jim, calling him a Nazi, and going on and on about how he would take Deicide and booze over heaven any day, as was his wont.

It was then that fate interviened.

A young lad was walking by at that time and heard Peter's remarks about Deicide. Feeling that this fuckwad was clearly someone to get to know, he took note of Peter and moved on. Little did Peter realize at the time that this was he….the infamous and elusive Doctor X; drummer extrodinare and ranked amature burnout.

The makings of a truly unholy alliance were in place.

Some days later (or maybe it was later that night, who fucking knows?) the good Doctor wandered by Peter Svoboda's house, looking for him or weed or something else. It was here that the two met for the first time. Actually, that may be bullshit. Perhaps it was at a party at Peter Svoboda's house where he first met Doctor X. I bet you fuckers don't even care, do ya? Well, it doesn't matter, right now I can't remember. We'll work it out later, I'm sure.

Anyway, the two started talking at some point and realized that they shared many common interests…a love of metal being at the forefront for the both. When Doctor X revealed to Peter that he was in fact a drummer, a spark went off…a flame from the beyond, hotter than a thousand suns and blindingly bright, as though someone had stuck one of those windproof lighters in your eye. They talked about forming a band and tearing some shit up all over this shitty little bumfuck college town.

And that's what they did.

Upon the arrival of an available albeit total fucking shit drum kit, the two enlisted the help of friend Lars "Panzer" Meyer on bass and vocal duties. Some band names were thought of, and scratched. Some songs were thought of and scratched. Then they finally hit gold when Doctor X wrote "Delucas"…this was something all involved could agree upon. Then they arrived at a name…Population Reduction. It was subtle, yet sleek, and would surely at least make most of these college wussies become suspect if not outright offended. The latter had to actually see the live show for that.

Population Reduction's first show was two one hour sets at some kind of a fund raiser. This was rediculous, since they had only 15 minutes worth of music at the time, but they took the gig nonetheless. This was how Peter Svoboda's unfortunate habit of running his fucking mouth non-stop during the live shows came to develop.

After a short stint with Lars "Panzer" Meyer playing in the band, he decided to take lots of Robo, drink too much and move to Russia. Seriously, it's true. Peter and the Doctor found someone new to do vocals and bass, some kid named Jeff. He was a total fuckwad, and soon stopped receiving calls from the band. This began a long stint with just Peter Svoboda and Doctor X making up the entirety of Population Reduction. The crowd seemed to like it, and they were getting more and more shows, so they said "Fuck it, let's just do it this way."

And so they did.

Ok, ya know, this is beginning to drag on a bit, and I wanna make a fucking pizza. So here's the rest real quick:

Population Reduction got Meghan Death to do vocals for a little, but she went to Scotland to make armor or some shit. Then they met the Cadaver Kid, who's supposed to be around, but he's a dumbfuck. They played Cleveland, got bored and moved to San Francisco, California. They are there now and looking to get shit done.

If you made it to the end of this piece of shit, I salute you. They'll probably go over it, cut out most of the useless analogies, decide if the abuse of aliases is neccesary, and then cut the whole fucking thing down to a paragraph or two.

Those fucking bastards.


Peter Svoboda-Guitar
Doctor X-Drums


Terror Tactics - Full length(ish) CD. Demo(ish). Title changed once. Further changes possible. We'll let ya know.

Live:Box, Vol.#I - November 2000, I think. Us live on the radio with our favorite on air personalities, The Prophet Isaiah and DJ Jim Altieri, aka Jeff and Dave. Terrible improvised rendition of the Halloween and James Bond themes. A real embarassment.

Live:Box, Vol.#II - October 2001, maybe. Round two with the good folk at 91.5 fm. More shitty improvisation.

Live:Box, Vol.#III - November 2002, perhaps. More trash. You get the idea.

Tribute to Unholy Grave Mini-CD Compilation - Us and ten other bands paying tribute to one of the greatest grind bands ever. Available through Noisick Records.

Ocotber 2003 Promo CD - We went out last night, and handed out 48 of these fuckers for free. If you were the lucky recipient of one, the track listing is: 1)Ebola Attack, 2)Tyler Wynn, 3)Delucas. Sorry about the lack of inserts, but you get logo variety, and you love it.

Population Reduction: Live, Stoned and Dehydrated - Live shows, available on VHS and DVD, because we are high tech like that. It really doesn't get much stupider than this.

At the Throats of Man Forever - 7" out on Tankcrimes Records. 7 Tracks, including a cover of "I Don't Give a Fuck" by Abscess. Artwork by Becky Cloonan.

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