Pro Pain
Orgin New York, NY, USA
Genres Hardcore, Heavy Metal
Years Active 1991- Present
Country of origin USA
Labels Regain, Rawhead Inc., Energy, Roadrunner, Concrete, High Gain, Mayhem, Nuclear Blast, Spitfire, Continental, Candlelight, Sunny Bastards
Associated Acts Crumbsuckers, Bohze Onkelz, Indorphine,
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Pro-Pain is a New York-based metal and hardcore band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bass guitarist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson, both former members of Crumbsuckers. Debut album Foul Taste of Freedom was released in 1992, displaying hardcore punk and rap metal influences, after which the band signed to Roadrunner Records, who reissued the album the following year. Second album The Truth Hurts was initially banned due to the sleeve artwork, featuring a picture of a stitched-up woman after an autopsy. The band has released several more albums with a varying line-up over the years. The self-produced album Act of God (1999) saw the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records after they had relocated to Sarasota, the same label releasing Round 6 in 2000 and the live album Road Rage in 2001. In 2004 they released their first album for Candlelight Records — Fistful of Hate. Tom Klimchuck left the band in 2011 due to "unexpected circumstances regarding some potentially serious health issues." He has since been replaced by Adam Phillips (INDORPHINE).


  • Gary Meskil – bass guitar, vocals
  • Marshall Stephens – rhythm guitar
  • Adam Phillips – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Jonas Sanders – drums


  • Foul Taste of Freedom (1992), Energy/Roadrunner
  • The Truth Hurts (1994), Energy/Roadrunner
  • Contents Under Pressure (1996), Energy/Concrete
  • Pro-Pain (1998), High Gain/Mayhem
  • Act of God (1999), High Gain/Nuclear Blast
  • Round 6 (2000), Nuclear Blast/Spitfire
  • Shreds of Dignity (2002), Nuclear Blast
  • Fistful of Hate (2004), Continental/Candlelight
  • Prophets of Doom (2005), Continental
  • Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade (2007), Continental/Candlelight
  • No End in Sight (2008), Continental
  • Absolute Power (2010), Continental/Regain
  • Straight To The Dome (2012), Sunny Bastards/Nuclear Blast
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