Orgin Chicago
Genres Hardcore, Noisecore
Years Active 1996-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Level Plane Records, Secretly Canadian Records, Alone Records, Southern Records UK, Tizona Records, Witching Hour Records, The Great Vitamin Mystery, Troufion, Monotonstudio, Germany, Electric Human Project, Modus Operandi, Beekeeper Zine, Backroad Records, Insound Tour Support, Happy Couples Never Last, Reibenbach, Joyful Noise, Auris Apothecary
Associated Acts To Dream of Autumn, Knives and Greenwater, The Disease, Mara'akate, Zann, Anger Is Beautiful, Song of Zarathustra, Helen of Troy, Majhas, The Coke Dares, Jilly Weiss, Yea Big, Kid Static
Official website http://www.racebannon.net/

Midway between a deleted scene from River's Edge and the resurrection of Frankenstein to unleash havoc upon the villagers that put him under, the Racebannon sound is one of many disparate influences that blend seamlessly into one lethal cocktail of hatred and aggression, draped in a cerecloth of pure molten rock that is as unforgiving as it is pulse-quickening. Indie rock? No. Metal? No. Hardcore? No. Noise core? No. Racebannon? Yes. It really is that simple. Hesh enough for any mosh pit, yet cerebral enough for the art palate, Racebannon attack with the heave and punch the endtimes dictate while still keeping things fresh and original. Love or hate, there is no ignoring the 12 guage barrage of riffs, screams, and drums.


Michael Anderson - vocals
James Bauman - guitar
Alex T. Mann - bass
Karl Hoffstetter - drums


We Lovz You (1997)
Racebannon Is The Most Complete Volume of the Motion of the Planets (1998, Witching Hour Records)
Master Control Program (1998, The Great Vitamin Mystery)
Racebannon VS To Dream of Autumn split (1998, Troufion)
Racebannon VS Knives and Greenwater split (1998, Witching Hour Records)
First There Was The Emptiness (2000, Level Plane Records/2005, Secretly Canadian Records)
Racebannon VS The Disease split (2001, Monotonstudio/Germany)
Racebannon VS Mara'akate split (2001, Electric Human Project)
Racebannon VS Zann VS Anger Is Beautiful 3-Way split (2001, Modus Operandi/Germany)
In the Grips of the Light (2002, Secretly Canadian Records/Level Plane Records)
RCBNN (2002, Beekeeper Zine)
Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In (2002, Secretly Canadian Records/Alone Records)
Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In parts I and II (2002, Secretly Canadian Records)
Clubber Lang: Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In part III (2002, Alone Records)
Racebannon VS Song of Zarathustra VS Near and Far Vol. 2 3-Way split (2002, Level Plane/Backroad Records)
Racebannon VS Helen of Troy split (2003, Insound Tour Support)
The Inevitable: Singles and Rarities 1997-2005 (2005, Alone Records)
Racebannon VS Majhas split (2005, Happy Couples Never Last)
Racebannon VS The Coke Dares split (2008, Reibenbach)
Racebannon IV: Acid or Blood (2008, Southern Records UK/2009, Tizona Records)
Merzbannon (2009, Tizona Records)
Wrap the Body feat. Jilly Weiss, Yea Big and Kid Static (2010, Joyful Noise)
Six Sik Sisters (2011, Tizona Records)
Remixed, Reinterpreted and Reconsidered (2011, digital)
RCBNN 2003 (2012, Auris Apothecary)

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