Orgin Forlì
Genres hardcore punk screamo
Years Active 2003-Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels Deathwish Inc.
Associated Acts Phoenix Bodies, Funeral Diner, Daïtro, Loma Prieta
Official website http://www.raein.eu/

Members of La Quiete and Neil on Impression formed Italian screamo band Raein but broke up in late 2005, then after having played two shows in two years they reunited in September 2007. They are one of the first European screamo bands. They released their new album in 2008 and toured for it in 2009. In 2011 they released "Sulla linea dell'orizzonte fra questa mia vita e quella di tutti" for free on their website. At the beginning of 2013, they toured USA, UK, Canada and Puerto Rico, playing 20 shows in 22 days. In April Deathwish Inc. Records released the Raein VS Loma Prieta split.


Alessio Valmori: guitar, vox
Andrea Console: vox
Giuseppe Coluccelli: guitar, vox
Michele Camorani: drums
Nicola Amadori: bass


Raein (2002)
Il N'y A Pas De Orchestre (2003)
Döden Marscherar Åt Väst (2004)
Raein VS Phoenix Bodies split (2004)
Raein VS Funeral Diner split (2004)
Raein VS Daïtro split (2004)
The Harsh Words As The Sun Raein VS Lhasa VS Daïtro 3-Way split (2004)
Discography 2000-2004 (2005)
Nati Da Altri Padri/Ogni Nuovo Inizio (2008)
Sulla linea dell'orizzonte fra questa mia vita e quella di tutti (2011)
Raein VS Loma Prieta split (2013, Deathwish Inc.)

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