Orgin Pisa
Genres Grindcore, Alternative Rock, Powerviolence
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels DIY
Associated Acts La Fabbrica degli Aggettivi a Gettoni, Pharmaceutical Experiment, Copyright Controlled, Katafrat Grinders
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Rum-Ore is a grindcore band from Pisa, Italy. They were born from the fastcore drum and guitar duo Vaffanculo, featuring former members of the death metal band Suffering. They formed as Scazzo Abbestia in June 2011, and, after the summer holidays (the band consists of two college students and an University student), they decided to change name in Rum-Ore. They rehearsed some songs, made their very first gigs at birthday parties, opening for Suffering and also playing covers from Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Anal Cunt and Scroungers, and finally uploaded some jams on YouTube. On Christmas, the drummer was given a professional Zoom H3N recorder with which, on March 2012, Rum-Ore recorded their very first demo "Rumore Abbestia"! Then they sold it to their school mates, gaining more and more success even among professors because of the sillyness of the lyrics, the utter brutality and unrelenting noise of their songs. Some songs are also controversial about school, but professors seem to have taken it easy. After school they had a gig at the school party but they were expelled from the stage because of the brutality and violence of the show, and due to controversies for the set-list, which didn't seem the one that they had agreed with Lorenzo, the party organizer. Yet such gig featured some fantastic local bands such as Wooden Vibes (pop), The Shocks (brit pop) and Burnages (brit rock). Another gig with local metal, hardcore and punk bands Geberit, Weeping Willow, Enkymosis and ATP followed in September. On October they had a gig opening for a band from Milan, My Speaking Shoes, together with Etruschi from Lakota, from Volterra, I Luppoli, Wavering Sanity, Ind[I]go, and Nerocarnale from Pisa, which also featured many new songs for the next demo "Lotta Rumorista", such as "Discordation", "Stronzo" and "Distorted Violence" as well as covers from 7 Seconds, Flipper and Napalm Death. They are currently rehearsing and looking for gigs kinda anywhere in the world. They are currently unsigned but are looking for some record deal. At the moment they are writing and rehearsing new songs like "Thrash sullo Skate". At that very moment Rum-Ore are recording their new album "Lotta Rumorista", featuring re-recordings improved in songwriting, sound and technique, of most songs from "Rumore Abbestia!", and new tunes. Plus, at the moment Rum-Ore are rehearsing for a concert together with Screamo band Laguerra, Prog band Blemma, Metalcore band Wavering Sanity and Grindcore band Giuseppe Simone (the set-list isn't certain). They will start recording the drum parts for their newest record, Lotta Rumorista, in the drummer's garage, since he's bought a whole set of Samson drum mics and condensers. They are also rehearsing and writing some new songs for the new record. The experience of the school party is yet to be repeated because another party organizer called Rum-Ore to play again, the party organizer of last year has quit said school. They have also opened a local gig for Alt band La Fortuna di Nashira (ex HC-Virus), who played together with worldwide talents Zen Circus. New summer dates are coming, and they will play in the local park of their city in days. Rum-Ore have played a jam session in July at Giardino di Poppa and have finished recording their latest album on August 5th 2013 "Lotta Rumorista.". After the recording, they are going to master the record on September and play some live shows with Death/Doom band Sequoia, Grindcore band Katafrat Grinders, Hardcore band Alfatec, Thrashcore bands Nido di Vespe and Carlos Dunga, Crossover band Shock Troopers, Hardcore band Turn Back Time and a pair of rappers from Pisa called Delve and King, from September to November 2013. Also splits with Sequoia and Katafrat Grinders are due out, and some new songs featuring Delve and King. Rum-Ore have starred in a music contest in Pontasserchio, called Genetic Parade, together with rock and rap acts. They didn't won anything except the pleasure of the audience, that was a hell lot of fun. At the moment a radio interview at web radio Radio Roarr and other contests are planned in order to advertise the band, following the release of their new album "Lotta Rumorista", and also the "Pisa Noise Terror" Rum-Ore VS Katafrat Grinders split. Rum-Ore are going to have an interview at Dawntown, a program of Radio Roarr, before whom they will release a Discography CD. "Lotta Rumorista" has been released as CD and digital release and it will hopefully come in cassette version as well.


Salvatore il Discromico-guitar, shouts, drums
Lorenzo l'Insensante-bass, voice, drums, percussion
Matteo il Thrashante-drums, voice

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Rumore Abbestia! (2012)
Violenza (compilation, 2012, featuring a pair of Scazzo Abbestia songs)
Live @ ARCI CEP Rum-Ore VS ATP live split (2012)
Lo Speciale di Natale dei Rum-Ore (2012)
Lotta Rumorista (2013)
Discografia dei Rum-Ore solo per Radio Roarr (2013)
Violenza vol. 2 (2013, featuring the Rumore Abbestia! version of "Viva Zapata" and other jams from Nelson Muntz and Krustacean
Lo Speciale di Natale dei Rum-Ore 6-song EP (2013)

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