Orgin Turkey
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 2005-2013
Country of origin Turkey
Labels Everydayhate, Bringer of Gore, Aksi Gurultu, Audio Lesion, Czerwony Diabelek, Drop Out, End of Silence, Erba Trista, Extreme Terror, Grindfather, Rauha Turva, Rotten Gorol, Witch Bukkake, Bucho Discos, To Live A Lie, Alcoholic Desaster, Grindblock, Jennifer Grind, Scullcrasher, Angernoise, Trenchcore,
Associated Acts Matka Teresa, Mesrine, Dispepsiaa, Cut Your Throat, Slaughter of the Innocents, Archagatus, Agathocles
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SAKATAT was a raw as fuck old school grindcore band from Turkey. We recorded our first demo as a two piece in 2005 and evolved into a trio around 2008. Since then we put out seven split 7"s and toured hard. Our debut album "Bir Devrin Sonu" came out right before our final tour in July 2012 and we played our final gig on January 27th, 2013.


Sakatat VS Agathocles split (2007, Bringer of Gore)
Ucuz Can Pazari Sakatat VS Archagatus split (2008, To Live A Lie)
Savastayiz! Sakatat VS Slaughter of the Innocents split (2008, Angernoise)
Sesimizden Baska Kaybedecek Neyimiz Kaldi? Sakatat VS Cut Your Throat split (2010, Alcoholic Desaster/Grindblock/Jennifer Grind/Scullcrasher/Trenchcore)
Goz Yumanlar Daha Mi Az Suclu? Sakatat VS Dispepsiaa split (2010, Bringer of Gore)
Tahammul Etmek Kabul Etmek Demek Sakatat VS Mesrine split (2011, Aksi Gurultu/Bucho Discos/To Live A Lie)
Devletin Teroru Kimi Koruyor? Sakatat VS Matka Teresa split (2011, Aksi Gurultu/Audio Lesion/Bringer of Gore/Czerwony Diabelek/Drop Out/End of Silence/Erba Trista/Extreme Terror/Grindfather/Rauha Turva/Rotten Gorol/Witch Bukkake)
Bir Devrin Sonu (2012, Everydayhate/Bringer of Gore)

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