Sed Non Satiata
Sed Non Satiata
Orgin Toulouse
Genres Emo Rock
Years Active 2003-Present
Country of origin France
Labels Echo Canyon, Adagio830, Protagonist Records, Disk Union, Puzzle Records, Flower of Carnage, Code of Ethics, Red Cars Go Faster, Purepainsugar, Alchimia, Error Records, Aspidistra, Rejuvenation, Weewee, Unhurt, B.U.R.T., Slowdeath
Associated Acts Aghast, Daïtro, Ancre, Plebeian Grandstand, Headway, Château Transistor
Official website

Sed Non Satiata is a French emo rock band that got together as a quintet in 2003 in Toulouse, South West of France. A demo was recorded in 2004 and a single song released in 2005 on a split 7' with one of the finest french emorock band : Aghast.

Only a few months later, the singer quits the band and it's unexpectedly a complete rebirth.. The first one sided LP called « Le ciel de notre enfance » comes out in 2004 . It marks the beginning of several years of gigs, becoming in the meantime really close to bands like Daïtro.
The band toured all over Europe : Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland, Iceland… A benefit split-LP was released with Daïtro in 2008 : by Flower of Carnage in Japan, Puzzle records in France, Adagio830 in Germany and Code of ethics in the US. The friendship between the two bands was then sealed. The songs started then to break away from the post hardcore / screamo side to become more rock and melodic, with loads of lyrics in French.
In 2007, when the drummer leaves for Paris, things begin to slow down, they nevertheless release a « s/t » LP with Echocanyon, Adagio830 and Protagonist records in 2010. This one sounds a bit different, quiet and dramatic, with some post-rock and acoustics hints, but with a strain that’s still alive.
A short hiatus occurred when one of the guitarists left for Montreal, Quebec and in 2011 they begin to write new songs.
They’re now between North America and France working on an upcoming LP and will tour US east cost next summer with a new bass player (from Ancre, Plebeian Grandstand) and another guitar player (from Headway, Château Transistor).


Sed Non Satiata VS Aghast split (2005, Rejuvenation/Weewee/Unhurt/B.U.R.T./Slowdeath/Puzzle Records)
Le Ciel de Notre Enfance (2005, Purepainsugar/Alchimia/Puzzle Records/Error Records/Aspidistra)
Sed Non Satiata VS Daïtro split (2008, Adagio830/Puzzle Records/Flower of Carnage/Code of Ethics/Red Cars Go Faster/Echo Canyon)
Sed Non Satiata (2009, Echo Canyon/Adagio830/Protagonist Records/Disk Union)
Mappō (2013)

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