Seeing Means More
Seeing Means More
Orgin Bay Area
Genres Screamo, Metalcore, Hardcore
Years Active 2002-2006
Country of origin United States of America
Labels DIY
Associated Acts Fight Fair, Stoppage Time, Efra
Official website {$site}

Seeing Means More was a screamo band mixed with metalcore/hardcore influences San Francisco Bay Area formed in 2002. Formed by 5 high school kids, starting off as a more traditional screamo band in the vein of Indian Summer, JR Ewing, and Funeral Diner. They played multiple shows around the San Francisco Bay area with such bands as Takaru, Under a Dying Sun, atriata and heart cross love. The band then later lost their original bassist and keyboardist and broke up. Seeing Means More later reformed in the summer of 2003, adding new members. They began writing new material that explored the boundaries of traditional screamo fused with metal/hardcore. They played their last show on July 9 2006. some of the members later bands are Fight Fair and Stoppage Time!


Evan H. - Guitar
Yuvi P. - Bass
Henry L. - Guitar
Mike B. - Drums
Alex B. Vocals


Seeing Means More VS Efra split
Clouds Obscured to Hearts

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