Septic Death
Septic Death
Orgin Boise, Ohio
Genres Thrashcore
Years Active 1981 - 1986
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Sourpus, Lost and Found Records, Deluxe Records, Pusmort, VAP Records, Toy's Factory Records, Bacteria Sour, Flex Fanzine, Prank Records
Associated Acts Rocket from the Crypt, Travis Barker, Cold World, Rorschach, Integrity, Belching Beet, Bruce Banner, Preparation H, Take the Lead, Cavity, Cocobat, Metallifits, Cluster Bomb Unit, Bloodred Bacteria, Dropdead
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Septic Death was a thrashcore band with Brian "Pushead" Schroeder on vocals. Septic Death's music became a major influence on bands like Integrity, Von, Citizens Arrest, Infest, Rorschach and many other hardcore punk and extreme metal bands. The band played only a few shows during its active years (1981 to 1986), mostly in Boise, Idaho. Along with Schroeder, there were Paul Birnbaum on drums, Mike Matlock on bass, and Jon Taylor on guitar. "Septic death's songs deal mainly with fear and paranoia, the mental state of a person and how it functions. A few songs deal with current issues, but those are so depressing just to read the paper, why bring more attention than a song? If you seek to bring out solutions or terror to open eyes of fear, that is well constructed. But just complaints do not have meanings of knowledge. Strength away from fear or the acceptance of fear and what it creates makes it wiser for the mind… not the person who sings the song he writes but lives in terror of them. Open the eyes and let the enjoyment in; the awareness is essential.(extracted from Maximum Rock'N'Roll)." "…religions were formed to create a god, and god was created, so you wouldn't fear death, and the reality of dying is SEPTIC DEATH (extracted from MRR)." Fans of Septic Death such as Dwid Hellion (of Integrity) often characterized their sound as "horror hardcore" (as stated in Integrity's "Sliver In The Hands Of Time") due to the artwork, lyrics and content of their songs. There are many Septic Death professional bootlegs, the most recent being a discography titled "Zorlac Anthology". The double bootleg cd was released in the UK and limited to only 100 copies. An official Septic Death discography titled "Chumoku" has been in production since 2000 for San Francisco based Prank Records, with Pushead preparing all new artwork for the release. Some of the artwork was featured on the cover of Juxtapose magazine's "black and White' issue.


Brian "Pushead" Schroeder-Vocals
Paul Bimbaum-Drums
Mike Matlock-Bass
Jon Taylor-Guitar


Uncontrollable Proof (1983, Sourpus)
Somewhere In Time (1983, Lost and Found Records)
Time Is The Boss (1983, Deluxe Records)
Need So Much Attention (1984, Pusmort)
Now That I Have Your Attention What Do I Do With It (1987, VAP Records/Pusmort)
Burial Mai So (Pusmort Records)
Nightmare Takes a Nap Vol. I
Nightmare Takes a Nap Vol. II
Nightmare Takes a Nap Vol. III
Attention (Pusmort)
Ozo Bozo (Toy's Factory Records)
Septic Death VS Rocket from the Crypt split (1993, Pusmort)
Bacteria Sour Vol. II
Daymare (Pusmort)
Croswed Out Twice (1999, Bacteria Sour)
Desperate for Attention (Flex Fanzine)
Victim of a Thought Crime (Sourpus)
Chumoku (2002, Prank Records)

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