Orgin Byron Bay
Genres Powerviolence, Hardcore/Punk
Years Active 2010 - Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels Shackled Down Records, Örange Moustache Records, Arrest Records, Castigated Records, Delayed Response, Urban Rage Records
Associated Acts Ghost Town
Official website

'Fast drums, fast guitars and harsh aggressive vocals are what this band is all about. While the band are in their prime when playing fast, they can be just as crushing and rip out one hell of a beatdown'



*Demo (2010)
*BBHC Compilation (2010)
*Split w/Think Twice (2010)
*Preliminary Harm (2011)
*Maunder (2012)
*Dissolve To Nothing (2012)
*Split Scene Compilation (2012)
*4 Way Split w/Downpour, Beartrap and Anti-Venom (2012)
*Split w/Worn Out (2013)
*S/T (2013)

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