Orgin Bad Bocklet
Genres Punk
Years Active 2002 - Present
Country of origin Germany
Labels Greg Complet Records, Warsaw, Altin Village Records, Narshardaa Records
Associated Acts Greg Complet Records, Warsaw, Narshardaa Records, Altin Village Records
Official website

Punk from Germany.


Gehret, Heinrich, Labus, Wehner


'02 Jailbreak (2002, Greg Complet Records)
Shokei VS Petethepiratesquid split (2004, Greg Complet Records/Warsaw)
Shokei VS Kids Explode split (2006, Narshardaa Records)
Painkiller (2008, Altin Village Records/Narshardaa Records)
Shokei VS The Falcon Five VS Kids Explode VS Petethepiratesquid split (2008, Altin Village)
Shokei VS The Falcon Five split (2009, Altin Village)

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