Sinking Steps... Rising Eyes
Sinking Steps… Rising Eyes
Orgin South Dakota
Genres Screamo
Years Active 2002-2003
Country of origin United States of America
Labels DIY
Associated Acts Roman Ships
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Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes was a screamo band from South Dakota. They had 2 bass players, guitar, 2 vocalists, drums, and keyboards in September 2001. In 2002 they wrote five songs, recorded them and then released them all in a self-titled EP. Then they did a summer East Coast tour as a six piece to promote this EP. In winter they wrote another record. In March 2003 they recorded the Majestic Blue record. In Summer they toured Iowa, Cornerstone and Indianapolis. In October 2003 vocalist Brandon DeJong went away- They recorded some unreleased stuff. Eli and Josh formed the band Roman Ships.


Brogan Costa - Bass
Eli DeGroff - Guitar
Mary Campbell - Keys/Flute
Brandon DeJong - Vocals/Melodica
Aaron Hagen - Vocals
Josh Boyd - Drums
Seth Dekkenga - Bass
Brandon Aegerter - Drums
Erin Toft - Vocals
Matt McFarland - Drums
Elizabeth Andrews - Violin
Andy Clark - Roadie


Sinking Steps… Rising Eyes EP (2002)
Majestic Blue (2003)

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