Sissy Spacek
Sissy Spacek
Orgin Truly West Coast
Genres Misc Section
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin West Coast
Labels Helicopter, Hand Held Heart, Rhystop, Troniks, Ruxx Uckxx, Electric Human Project, EET, Static Aktion, Troubleman Unlimited, A Dear Girl Called Wendy, Ketchup Cavern, Gilgongo, Ultra Eczema, Lucier, To Live A Lie, Chondritic Sound, Hemmelige Operation, Rude Fans, Penduluum, PPM, PACrec, Misanthropic Agenda, Tape Room, Dual Plover, Sweat Lung, Second Layer, EET, Handmade Birds, Hex Out Tapes, 777 Was 666
Associated Acts Panicsville, Die Monitr Bats, The Gossip, Agathocles, Jazkamer
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"Zero possibility of St. Louis formation."
— txt from Phil Blankenship


Jesse Jackson
Charlie Mumma
Corydon Ronnau
John Wiese


Live b/w AOR, Helicopter
Hair Control, Helicopter
HHH13, Hand Held Heart
Hotel Ghost, Helicopter
Sissy Spacek VS Panicsville split, Helicopter
Skroo Spacek, Helicopter
Pow Pow, Rhystop
Guitar Fluffs, Troniks
Live In Las Vegas, Ruxx Uckxx
Remove Control Whale, Electric Human Project
Sissy Spacek VS Die Monitr Bats split, Helicopter
Nice Gems, EET
Sepsis, Helicopter
Poling, Static Aktion
Sissy Spacek VS The Gossip split, Helicopter
Gore Jet, Troubleman Unlimited
Epistasis, A Dear Girl Called Wendy
Gutter Splint, Ketchup Cavern
Fortune b/w The Eyes Of Men
Sissy Spacek VS Agathocles split, Ultra Eczema
Sissy Spacek VS Jazkamer, Lucier
Vanishing Point, To Live A Lie
Vacuum, Chondritic Sound
Half Life, Hemmelige Operation
Black And White Section, Rude Fans
Anti-Clockwise, A Dear Girl Called Wendy
50 50 50, Penduluum
Contretemps, PPM
s/t, Helicopter/PACrec/A Dear Girl Called Wendy
Scissors, Helicopter/Misanthropic Agenda
Remote Whale Control, Helicopter/Misanthropic Agenda
Devils Cone And Palm, Helicopter/Misanthropic Agenda
French Record, Tape Room/Dual Plover
California Ax, Helicopter
Glass, Misanthropic Agenda
Gore Jet, Sweat Lung
15-Tet Oakland, Misanthropic Agenda
Sepsis, Second Layer
Dash/Anti-Clockwise, EET/Gilgongo
Rip, Gilgongo
Freaked With Jet, Gilgongo
Grisp, Gilgongo
Harm, Troniks
Wastrel Projection, Handmade Birds
DDT, Chondritic Sound
Bisingie, Hex Out Tapes
Grisp, Chondritic Sound
Beat, 777 Was 666
Demo 2011

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