Slight Slappers
Slight Slappers
Orgin Tokyo
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 1994-Present
Country of origin Japan
Labels Revulsion Records, Blurred Records, HG Fact, 625, MCR Company, Crust Records, Slap-a-Ham Records, Sound Pollution, A per Koro, Bilharziose, Hostile Regression Records, Regression Records, Morrow Stinger Records, Fall Records,
Associated Acts Senseless Apocalypse, Short Hate Temper, Lebensreform, Hated Principles, Capitalist Casualties
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Tokyo Powerviolence.




Demo Tape (1994)
インディーズマガジン (2001)
A Tradition of… Omnibus (Fall Records)
Sword of Thrash (Morrow Tinger Records)
自己主張  其の二 (MCR Company)
Regressive Hostility (Hostile Regression Records)
Omnibus (Regression Records)
Slight Slappers VS Capitalist Casualties split (MCR Company)
Slight Slappers VS Hated Principles split (Blurred Records)
Slight Slappers VS Lebensreform split (A per Koro/Bilharziose)
Slight Slappers VS 324 split (HG Fact)
Slight Slappers VS Short Hate Temper split (Sound Pollution)
Slight Slappers VS Senseless Apocalypse split (Blurred Records)
Very Best of Slight Slappers (Slap-a-Ham Records)
Overcome Pain (Crust Records)
Change (MCR Company)
A Selfish World Called Freedom (HG Fact)
Ashita Hi Wa Mata Nobori Masuka (625)
Tomorrow… Will The Sun Shine Again? (HG Fact)
Slight Slappers VS Assholeparade split
Get Pumped! (Revulsion Records)

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