Someplace To Hide
Someplace to Hide
Orgin Oklahoma City
Genres Metal, Hardcore, Screamo
Years Active 2006-2007
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Dead City Records
Associated Acts Destroyer Destroyer, Damezumari, Steeples
Official website {$site}

Someplace to Hide was a melodic Metal/Hardcore/Screamo band from Oklahoma City. Their sound was full of heavy breakdowns and double bass. They have lots of passion, screams and grrove. The high-pitched singer also sang in Oklahoma's Destroyer Destroyer. They released the "Shouting, Saintly, Not Ghostly!" LP on Dead City Records in 2006. In 2007 they did a 3-Way split with Damezumati and Steeples.


Shouting "Saintly, Not Ghostly" (2006, Dead City Records)
Someplace To Hide VS Damezumari VS Steeples split (2007)

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