Orgin Redwood City
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 1992-2000
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Slap A Ham Records, 625 Thrashcore
Associated Acts Neanderthal, No Comment, Crossed Out, Infest, East West Blast Test, DJ Eons One, Floor, Rupture, C.F.D.L., Romantic Gorilla, Brutal Truth, Charles Bronson, Toast, Monster X, Hirax, Jimmie Walker, Gob, Subversion, Lack of Interest, Black Army Jacket, Slobber, Opstand, 25 Ta Life, Oath, Total Fury
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SPAZZ was a band. Now they are a memory.


Chris Dodge-Bass, Vocals
Max ward-Drums, Vocals
Dan Boleri-Guitar, Vocals


La Revancha
Dwarf Jester Rising
Funky Ass Lil' Platter
Tastin Spoon
Sweatin to the oldies
Sweatin' II:Deported Live Dwarf
Sweatin' III:Skatin'Satan & Katon
Blasted In Bangkok
Crush, Kill, Destroy
Discography Box Set
The Jeb
Spazz VS Floor split
Spazz VS Rupture split
Spazz VS C.F.D.L. split
Spazz VS Romantic Gorilla split
Spazz VS Brutal Truth split
Spazz VS Charles Bronson split
Spazz VS Toast split
Spazz VS Monster X split
Spazz VS Hirax split
Spazz VS Jimmie Walker split
Spazz VS Gob split
Spazz VS Subversion split
Spazz VS Lack Of Interest split
Spazz VS Black Army Jacket split
Spazz VS Slobber split
Spazz VS Opstand split
Spazz VS 25 Ta Life split
Live at Gilman Spazz VS Oath VS Total Fury split

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