Spiderbaby Records

Spiderbaby Records
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Founded: 2011
Genres : Grindcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence…
Location: Cheshire, England

Spiderbaby Records is a DIY record label from Cheshire, England. While predominantly releasing on cassette they have also released titles on floppy disk and plan to extend into releasing vinyl also in 2013. The label primarily focuses on grindcore, powerviolence and hardcore though is open to other genres.


The label was formed in autumn 2011 by Paul after being made unemployed. The label's first release was the cassette edition of ACxDC's The Second Coming EP, released in early December of 2011.
As of November 2011, all releases and activity undertaken by the label were entirely funded by personal savings and money made from selling off personal possessions.


  • ARACHNO1 - ACxDC - The Second Coming (cassette)
  • ARACHNO2 - Various Artists - Shower Of Bastards (cassette)
  • ARACHNO3 - Unholy Grave / Corrupt Humanity (co-released 7")
  • ARACHNO4 - Robocop - II (cassette)
  • ARACHNO5 - Self Loathing / Black Veins (Tape limited to 30 copies)
  • ARACHNO6 - Faction Disaster/ Wake The Machines (floppy disk)
  • ARACHNO6.5 - Black Veins vs Self Loathing (Reissue of ARACHNO5)

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