Stanley Ipkiss
Stanley Ipkiss
Orgin La Spezia
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 2012-Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels Drugusingpeoplerecords, Vleekslak Records, Flipped Up Records
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They say Stanley Ipkiss is a circus. They say mental illness is fundamental in music. They say they look like drunk Ukrainians.




666 Songs Stanley Ipkiss VS Our Roots VS Shitnoise Bastards 3-Way split (2013)
Stanley Ipkiss tape (Drugusingpeoplerecords, 2014)
Stanley Ipkiss VS xCENEREx floppy split (2015)
Stanley Ipkiss VS Topper Harley VS Lovgun VS Prisoner 639 4-Way split (2015, Vleekslak Records/Flipped Up Records)

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