Orgin Berkeley, California
Genres Punk Rock
Years Active 1985-1990
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Slap-a-Ham Records, Lookout! Records, Off the Disk, Pintonium AG
Associated Acts Spazz, No Use for a Name
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Stikky formed in Berkeley, California in 1985, from the 924 Gilman Street-scene. They were Todd Wilder (lead vocals/drums), Chris Wilder (guitar/vocals), and James Porter (bass/vocals). Porter left Stikky in 1987 and was replaced by former No Use for a Name guitarist Chris Dodge. Stikky's songs were humorous East Bay style hardcore punk. After the band stopped playing with any regularity, bassist Chris Dodge released some of their material on his own record label Slap a Ham Records.


Todd Wilder - drums, lead vocals
Chris Wilder - guitar, vocals
Chris Dodge - bass, vocals


Where's My Lunchpail? (1988, Lookout! Records)
Cuddle (1988, Off the Disk)
I & I & That Guy Over There (1989, Pintonium AG)

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