Suffering were a death metal band from Pisa. They formed in 2010 but disbanded in the early days of 2012. They would play covers from Sepultura, Brutal Truth, Anti-Cimex and Lamb of God, and also some original songs, as an example "Controlo Mundial" and "The Bond of Extinction". They also composed, rehearsed and recorded a classic hard rock song called "El Libertador" for a dear friend who had a radio and broadcasted it. They would play at birthday parties, and the grindcore band Rum-Ore would open their shows before recording their "Rumore Abbestia!" demo. In the early days the drummer Matteo would sing the songs, then they found an excellent guttural singer called Virgilio.


  • Virgilio Dedej - vocals
  • Matteo Prandini - bass
  • Salvatore Russo - guitar
  • Matteo Berni - drums
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