Sugartown Cabaret
Sugartown Cabaret
Orgin Caen
Genres Emotional Punk Hardcore
Years Active 2004-Present
Country of origin France
Labels Desertion Records, Puzzle Records, Whosbrain Records, Paranoid Records, Abstraction Records, Emergence Records, Communication Is Not Words Records, La Agonia de Vivir Records, Moment of Collapse Records, Init Records
Associated Acts Adorno, L'Homme Puma
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Emotional Punk-Hardcore band since 2004. Based in Caen, France.


Médéric Jeanne : Vocals
Antoine Boisset : Drums
Raphaël Martin : Bass
Marc Euvrie : Guitar/Vocals
Antoine Quoniam : Guitar


Demo (2005)
Sugartown Cabaret VS L'Homme Puma split (Desertion Records/Puzzle Records/Whosbrain Records, 2007)
The First Time I Lost the Road Map (Paranoid Records/Abstraction Records, 2007)
Sugartown Cabaret VS Adorno split (Emergence Records/Communication Is Not Words Records/La Agonia de Vivir Records, 2010)
Beyond Foams (Moment of Collapse Records/Communication Is Not Words Records/Init Records, 2010/2011)
This Is A Split (Moment of Collapse Records/Communication Is Not Words Records, 2012)

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