Swing Kids
Swing Kids
Orgin San Diego
Genres Post Hardcore
Years Active 1995-2009
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Kidney Room Records, Three One G
Associated Acts Unbroken, Struggle, Bread and Circuits, Spanakorzo, Sweep the Leg Johnny, The Locust, The Album Leaf
Official website http://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/swing-kids/#

Swing Kids were a post-hardcore band from San Diego California during the mid-1990s. They were among the forerunners of the San Diego Punk Hardcore scene in the 1990s. Justin Pearson sang and screamed over melodic and chaotic rhythms and songs. Swing Kids were influenced by fellow San Diego bands Antioch Arrow and Drive Like Jehu and post-punk.


Eric Allen (of Unbroken)
Jose Palafox (of Struggle and Bread and Circuits)
John Brady (of Spanakorzo and Sweep the Leg Johnny)
Justin Pearson (of The Locust), who would release their recordings on his own Three One G record label.
Jimmy LaValle (of The Album Leaf)


Swing Kids (Kidney Room Records/ Three One G)
Swing Kids VS Spanakorzo Split (1995, Three One G)
Discography (2002, Three One G)
Live Bootleg
This is Circumstantial Evidence (Three One G)

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