Orgin Berlin
Genres Punk Rock, Post Hardcore, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Rock, Funk, Pop
Years Active 2010-2011
Country of origin Germany
Labels Kids In Misery, Adagio830
Associated Acts What Price, Wonderland?; Adorno
Official website

syn*error is a four-piece band from Berlin consisting of Mark on drums, Rob on guitar & vocals, Timo on guitar & vocals and Stephan on bass & vocals. Their earlier stuff is highly influenced by DIY Punk Rock and Post Hardcore. They later expanded towards Post Punk, Indie Rock, Rock, Funk, Pop DC-Post-Hardcore… They released a cd-r, a split tape, a self released split cd-r, two split 7 inches, one with What Price, Wonderland? from the UK, with whom they also played a longer tour, and one with Adorno from Portugal. An LP, “Verlustgeschäft”, was co-released by Kids in Misery and Adagio 830 in early 2011.


stephan: bass & vocals
rob: guitar & vocals
timo: guitar
mark: drums


Syn*Error VS What Price, Wonderland? split
Syn*Error VS Adorno split
Verlustgeschäft (2011, Kids In Misery/Adagio830)

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