Slow Children

Slow Children
Riverside, CA
Melodic punk / Hardcore
yearsactive= 2004 - present
labels= Cock Roach Media
Digital Warfare Records
California Street Music
Jailhouse Records
pine hill records


Slow Children is a hardcore punk band from Southern, CA that started in 2004 & have come a long way to carve out their musical style and build a unique brand of their own thats full of lyrical aggression, rapid beats, blazing guitars and a sense of urgency. Slow Children released there first ep in 2006 titled “Heaven Cant Be Bought”. The band instantly started playing venues like the showcase theatre and throwing garage shows and back yard parties with local bands Narcoleptic Youth, All or Nothing, The Decrats, & Sick Sense just to name a few. In 2008 Slow Children released there 2nd ep off of Cockroach Media / DC Jam Records titled “Today’s Titanic”. Soon after that the band released there 1st self titled full length album. This album was self released by the band and started touring the west coast with bands like The Insurgence(Inner strength records) & Knocked Out Cold. In Feb.2012 Slow Children released there 2nd full length record “Those Who Mind Don’t Matter” on Seattle based record label called Digital Warfare Records owned by members of The Accused & Zeke. This release took the band to places they never played before like Mexico and various other cites, it was later re released in 2016 on Jailhouse Records. In 2014 the band recorded there 3rd full length record titled “Prevalent Emotional Distress” That was released on California Street Music, owned by Frank Casillas’s of Voodoo Glow Skulls. This release led the band to several tours around the United States, Including Tours & shows with bands like:Voodoo Glow Skulls(Epitaph,Victory,Hellcat) Mustard Plug(Hopeless Records), Bigwig(Kung Fu Records),Opposition Rising (Pine Hill Records) Hub City Stompers(Hell Cat Records), The Cryptics (Pine Hill Records) & All Torn Up(Unified Resistance) just name a few. Slow Children is still active. For more News and info on the band check the links below.



  • Nate - Vocals
  • Mike - Guitar


Dylan D



  • Self Titled (2009)
  • Those Who Mind Don't Matter (2011)
  • Prevalent Emotional Distress (2014)


  • * Heaven Cant Be Bought Ep (2006)
  • Today's Titanic Ep (2008)
  • Crutch EP (2010)
  • Infernal Diatribe / Slow Children 7inch (2015)

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