king ravie
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orgin=McMinnville, Tennessee

genres= hiphop. electronic.

years active= july 2011-current day

country= united states

labels= none

associated acts= occasional collabs


king ravie is an electronic/hiphop artist from middle tennessee. he got his start doing vocals in a crunkcore band titled the krunkstarz. consisting of stepZ(vocals and beat) izzy railz(guitar and vocals) and king ravie himself. after a month, possibly 2, the band broke up for various reasons. including conflict among the guitarist and the other two members. very little practice and recording was also a factor. since the band broke up, king ravie has studied aspects of music theory, beat making, and production. he is currently solo, with the exception of collaborating with various artists.



  • king ravie - synth and vocals.


  • stepZ - vocals and beatmaking
  • izzy - vocals and guitar



  • darkside of reality - mixtape, 2012


  • none

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