Orgin Los Angeles
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 1987 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Earache Records, Season of Mist Indipendent Rock Metal Label
Associated Acts Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Resistant Culture
Official website http://www.terrorizergrindcore.net/

US Grindcore legend TERRORIZER is back with a brutal crack of skull and bones! "Hordes of Zombies" are unleashed onto the world in a massive riff avalanche that leaves no doubt that this genre defining band originating from Los Angeles in 1987 is delivering yet another masterpiece of sonic destruction.
True to the American interpretation of Grindcore TERRORIZER amalgamate the most forceful elements of Death and Thrash into a true juggernaut of Metal. Since their famed debut "World Downfall" (1989), this beast has been driven by the relentless and precise pounding of Pete Sandoval (MORBID ANGEL), who delivers yet another jaw-dropping barrage. Fans will be delighted to see MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent once more returning to play bass on this album. They will also be glad to hear that excellent singer Wolf aka Anthony Rezhawk (RESISTANT CULTURE), who already refined the highly acclaimed second album "Darker Days Ahead" (2006) is again adding his resonant and fierce growls as well. The new line-up is completed by Katina Culture (RESISTANT CULTURE), who is replacing the sadly late Jesse Pintado (August 28th, 2006) on guitar.
TERRORIZER continue in the vein of their previous releases, but with added years of experience and musicianship. Their mature and effective songwriting is sonically refined by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. As an offer for their loyal legions, the different formats of "Hordes of Zombies" will feature selected bonus tracks. Get ready: the godfathers of Grindcore are back from the undead!


Wolf, aka Anthony Rezhawk-Vocals
Katina Culture-Guitars
David Vincent-Bass
Commando, aka Pete Sandoval-Drums


World Downfall (1989)
Darker Days Ahead (2006)
Hordes of Zombies (2012)

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