The Blue Letter
The Blue Letter
Orgin Richmond, Virginia
Genres Down-Tempo Screamo
Years Active 2007-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Reactivation Media Company, Guevara Entertainment, Esotype Records, Blood And Ink Records
Associated Acts Giant/Brave Young, Antlers, Becoming The Archetype, Junius, The Gospel And His Grenade, MeAndHimCallitus, Tambersauro
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In a time when the hardcore scene has been confined to breakdowns and guitar squeals; and fashion has seemed to become more important than ideas and music, The Blue Letter challenges stereotypes and genre boundaries with explosive textured soundscapes. Their music is passionate and dynamic, layered with hoarse screamy vocals and soft interludes.

The Blue Letter has transformed in many ways since their first full-length, Prima Facie (Blood & Ink Records, 2007). Following the release and positive critical reception of their debut, founding members Dan Shebaylo (vocals, guitar) and Silas Zdybel (drums) left Sacramento, California to establish a new home in Richmond, Virginia where they met bassist and vocalist Brendan Artz.

With a range of influences from mid-late 90’s screamo bands to the post metal giants of today, The Blue Letter can be found somewhere—both sonically and geographically—between Envy and Cult Of Luna. Although “down-tempo screamo” may seem an odd description for a band, any track from their sophomore album “Love is Not Control” proves this is a most appropriate term for the trio.

Love is Not Control’s thirteen tracks tell a story that spans ten years of love, hardship, betrayal, loss, new beginnings, new love and hope. The record ebbs and flows with passionate intensity and heartfelt sincerity. Recorded by Chris Dowhan (Giant/Brave Young, Antlers, Becoming The Archetype, etc.) and featuring original artwork by Michael Repasch-Nieves (of Junius), the album is arranged like a traditional five act play—a fitting way to tell the dramatic story that unfolds.

Although only a three-piece band, The Blue Letter’s live presentation rivals most six-piece acts. Their elaborate stage setup allows the band to create a wall of sound and a custom light show that envelops their audiences with lush soundscapes, soft dreamy interludes and decimating melodies. The dynamic vocal arrangements between Dan and Brendan add a new texture to their already unique sound.

Along with plans for full US and European tours to promote and support their new album, The Blue Letter will release Love is not Control in early 2012 on Init Records.


Dan Shebaylo - Guitar & Vocals
Brendan Artz - Bass & Vocals
Silas Zdybel - Drums


When Will These Barricades Fall (2004, Reactivation Media Co.)
Splittsville The Blue Letter VS The Gospel is a Grenade split (2005, Guevara Entertainment)
Jackson (2006, Guevara Entertainment)
Limited Edition Tour Release (2006, Guevara Entertainment)
The Blue Letter VS meandhimcallitus split (2007, Guevara Entertainment)
The Blue Letter VS Tambersauro split (2007, Esotype Records)
Prima Facie (2007, Blood & Ink Records/Guevara Entertainment)
Love Is Not Control (2012, Init Records)

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