The Death Of Anna Karina
The Death of Anna Karina
Orgin Correggio
Genres Hardcore
Years Active 2002 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels Heroine Records, Slave Union, Mashnote Records, Unhip Records, Tannen Records, Blinde Proteus, Shove, To Lose La Track, Audioglobe
Associated Acts Inedia, One Dimensional Man, La Quiete, The Flying Worker!, Chambers, Melt Banana, Light The Fuse And Run, Sunshine, The Vanishing, Miriam Mellerin, You Me and The Coffin, Poil
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The death of anna karina were born from the course of the hc-band Inedia, project with
Davide and Alessandro on guitars and some other friends, started in 1999.
Changed with a new line-up during summer-autumn-winter 2001 with the entry of Giulio
at voice first, Luca at bass and Adriano at drums then, Inedia setted up their musical
approach, someone called it “chaos ‘n’ roll”, under the influence of REFUSED,
At their second show, Boris of Heroine Records received a really good impression from
their exibition and they planned an LP together.
In spring 2002 they started and finished the live recording sessions for “(the death of)
ANNA KARINA”, album inspired by the vision of “Vivre sa vie” by Jean Luc Godard,
with the help of Giulio “ragno” Favero (ONE DIMENSIONAL MAN band) behind
Then they decided to change their name in THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA.
The record received really enthusiastic reviews, opening many opportunities for tours
outside Italy.
At the end of 2002 Rocco (LA QUIETE band) comes member of TDOAK definitive
line-up, as a keyboards-guitar player.
In Genuary 2003 they live-recorded some tracks, one for a double 7’’ compilation
produced by the american label Slave Union Records, and two for a split 7’’ with french
cult screamo band THEFLYINGWORKER! co-production for the Belgian Mashnote
Records and the italian Life of Hate.
All graphics of this 7’’ done by the artist and friend EricailCane.
It follows an intense live activity on big stages, little floors or practice rooms’ moquettes
in Germany, Belgium, Austria and everywhere in Italy.
THE VANISHING and many others… and last summer they have played in some hc
festivals of international resonance, as like the IeeperFest in Belgium and the Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic… in the meantime, thank to a lot of talking on messageboards
worldwide and to a remarkable downloading, their first LP got a good number of really
interested fans everywhere, and now it has been re-pressed in an american vynil-version
for the Slave Union Records.
During all 2004 TDOAK face the suffered recordings of their second full-lenght record,
obstructed from some incidents and various changes…
Finally New Liberalistic Pleasures is available from now for the boombastic Italian
Label Unhip Records with its 11 tracks wich mark their distance from screamo’s
monochromy and testify a brand new view dense of sonorous references (from ARAB ON
RADAR to CAMERA OBSCURA till DEPECHE MODE) to build a new mature musical
Probably it appears less definable, a bit softer, but more scratching than ever.
The distinctive features of their new work reside in the care for keyboards’ arrangements,
in its rock attitude and in the satyric (and self-ironic) cut of lyrics.


andrea ghiacci – voice
adriano pratissoli – drums
luca gabrielli – bass
alessandro zanotti – guitar
davide gherardi – guitar/keyboards


The Death of Anna Karina (2002, Heroine Records)
The Death of Anna Karina (2003, Slave Union)
The Death of Anna Karina VS The Flying Worker! split (2003, Mashnote Records)
New Liberalistic Pleasures (2006, Unhip Records)
Lacrima/Pantera (2011, Unhip Records/Tannen Records)
Dicotomia The Death of Anna Karina VS Chambers split (2013, Blinde Proteus/Shove/To Lose La Track/Audioglobe)

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