The End
The End
Orgin Missisauga
Genres Mathcore/Metalcore
Years Active 1999 - 2007
Country of origin Canada
Labels Hornby Records, Re-Define Records, Relapse
Associated Acts Solitary Sun, Between the Buried and Me
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The End were a Canadian mathcore/metalcore band formed in 1999 in Mississauga.The band's first EP "Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient" won the Canadian music award for metal album of the year in 2002. Their debut album, Within Dividia was released on January 13, 2004 through Relapse Records. Their second album, Elementary, was released on Relapse Records on February 6, 2007. Their song "Throwing Stones" appeared on the soundtrack for the 2007 film The Hills Have Eyes 2. In October 2007, The End announced that they would cancel their upcoming tour with Between The Buried And Me because guitarist Andrew Hercules had left the band. No reason has been given as to why he left. After the breakup of the band, bassist Sean Dooley and vocalist Aaron Wolff have since gone on to form the band Solitary Sun.


Aaron Wolff - vocals/percussion
Steve Watson - guitar
Sean Dooley - bass
Anthony Salajko - drums


The End Demo (1999, Hornby Records)
Transfer Trachea Reverbations From Point: False Omniscient (2001, Re-Define Records)
Within Dividia (2004, Relapse)
Elementary (2007, Relapse)

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