The Juniper Wait
The Juniper Wait
Orgin Port Clinton
Genres Post-Rock
Years Active 2011 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels unsigned
Associated Acts The Dawning
Official website {$site}

For the most part, local bands — for good or bad — are seemingly metal-centric, either rehashing old school Metallica riffs or recycling today's emo/hardcore zeitgeist.

Then there's Port Clinton's The Juniper Wait. This fledgling instrumental quartet — Matthew Bahnsen (guitar), Cody Kirkendall (guitar), Rob Zajac (bass) and Kyle Kilmer (drums) — has been expanding the minds of local audiences with its post-rock sound.

"From older people we've gotten a lot of comparison to Pink Floyd and sometimes we get compared to Radiohead just because we are a bit more on the experimental side," Bahnsen said. "We get compared a lot to Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai but we don't really act like those bands. Most are really pretentious. We try to have a really good time. We don't take us that seriously but I think for anybody to like our band, you have to have a little bit of an open mind."

Ironically, Bahnsen and Kirkendall were in local metalcore act The Dawning before that group disbanded last fall. Soon after the break up, Bahnsen joined up with Zajac and Kilmer to pursue a less aggressive but more intense sound. Before long, Kirkendall was brought into the mix.

Originally, Bahnsen was going to sing but as the band jammed, an intricate sound was crafted that didn't call for vocals. So why do the guys in The Juniper Wait dislike vocalists?

"We don't have anything against singers," said 22-year-old Bahnsen. "We just couldn't find one we thought would work out. We worked with a couple of people but we didn't want to compromise our music just to have a singer."

The band hasn't ruled out employing a singer or two on future projects but there are no plans on auditioning Sebastian Bach or David Lee Roth anytime soon.

As for its style, that's already evolving with original demos "Subletting My House" and "House of Mud and Reeds," which can be heard on, giving way to more of a darker and heavier side. Bahnsen said new track "Moccasins" defines the band's current sound.

With less than a dozen shows to their credit, the members of The Juniper Wait are taking time off from the concert stage to record material for its first EP, which it hopes to have out later this year.

Considering the progressive sounds and styles explored by The Juniper Wait, one would assume the outfit looks forward to leaving behind its country surroundings for more cosmopolitan venues.

"To be honest, we really like playing smaller towns better," Bahnsen said. "We played Norwalk a few weeks ago and also at Bowling Green. I guess we'd prefer to play smaller shows like that and some of our most successful shows were here in Port Clinton and in Norwalk."

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution, but John Benson keeps earplugs on hand just in case.


Matthew Bahnsen (guitar), Cody Kirkendall (guitar), Rob Zajac (bass) and Kyle Kilmer (drums)


Subletting My House
House of Mud and Reed

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