The Kill
The Kill
Orgin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 2004 - Present
Country of origin Australia
Labels 625 / Blastasfuk / Mortville / No Escape / RSR / TGPC
Associated Acts Openwound, Undinism, Blood Duster, Birdflesh, Super Fun Happy Slide, Captain Cleanoff, Mortalized, Lycanthropy, Fuck I'm Dead
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When OPENWOUND finished, Jay and Roby started THE KILL with UNDINISM vocalist Neil around 2000. They recorded the first demo which was released in various formats.
In 2004 they released "The Soundtrack To Your Violence" CD on No Escape Records with Tony BLOOD DUSTER on vocals. Some of these tracks also appeared on a split 7" with BIRDFLESH (Sweden).
THE KILL then split up for a few years and reformed 2008 with Nik from SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE on vocals.
In 2009 a live-to-air recording from PBS radio show "Burning Bitumen" called "Blastbeatin The Shit Outta PBS" was released on CD via Roby's Blastasfuk label.
In 2010 THE KILL have recorded about 20 new tracks for split 7" EP's with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF (Aus), MORTALIZED (Japan) and LYCANTHROPHY (Czech Rep).
In 2011 THE KILL will play MARYLAND DEATHFEST in Maryland, USA and record and release a full-length album.


Jay - Blastasfuk
Roby - Axe R.I.P
Nik - Abuse


The Soundtrack to Your Violence (2004, No Escape Records)
The Kill VS Birdflesh split (2004)
Blastbeatin' the Shit Outta PBS (2009, Blastasfuk)
The Kill VS Captain Cleanoff VS Mortalized VS Lycanthropy split (2010)

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