The Kodan Armada
The Kodan Armada
Orgin Louisville, Kentucky
Genres Screamo, Post-Hardcore
Years Active 2000-2005
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Brightskull, Dead Tank, Neon Boombox, We Are Not Wizards, Magic Bullet
Associated Acts In Tongues, Tightwolf, Heartwarmer, Foxhole, Black Walls, August Moon, Prideswallower, Montcalm, What's Yr Damage?!, Gospel, Pretty Faces
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The Kodan Armada was formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 2000 by Dan Davis. they have been signed to Magic Bullet Records and Brightskull Records (Louisville, formally “thrown brick”). This screamo / post-hardcore band dominated the local scene for five years before disbanding. Cory Popp and Adam Rains have gone on to form In Tongues, while Dan Davis and Ryan Swigart are in Tightwolfas well as other projects: Heartwarmer (Ryan) (ex-Foxhole, ex-Kodan Armada) & Black Walls (Dan). In early 2006, Cory and Ben (August Moon) started up a new project. They asked Adam to play guitar, and Prideswallower was made.


Dan Davis - Vocals
Brent Woosley - Vocals
Ryan Swigart - Drums
Craig Isaacs - Guitar (Richmond, IN)
Cory Popp - Bass


Ohio Killed The Grey Ghost
Tour cdr
Kodan Armada VS Montcalm split (Brightskull)
Kodan Armadan VS What’s Yr Damage!? split (Dead Tank)
Kodan Armada VS Gospel split (Neon Boombox)
Kodan Armada VS Pretty Faces split (We Are Not Wizards)
Collections, Vol. 1 (Magic Bullet)

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