They Ate Isengard
They Ate Isengard
Orgin Gothenburg, SE
Genres Experimental, Cybergrind, Noisecore
Years Active 2009-present
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Independent
Associated Acts A Beautiful Lotus, Wreck and Reference, Deformed Elephant Surgery
Official website

Founded in early 2009, They Ate Isengard is an experimental metal act with influences raging from industrial metal to avant-garde, cybegrind, deathcore, black metal and goth rock. The mind behind the project is the one of Harvey Parker, currently residing in Gothenburg. The bands music was first introduced on YouTube in mid-2009 when the single Harvey Parker's Gospel made its way into the cybergrind scene, spawning both positive and negative reactions. The track was later included on the acts first self-titled release, made available at the time only on Mediafire. In the summer of 2010, the second release "Etoiles Mourantes" was released, sparking interest amongst french-speaking metal fans around the word due to the EP's french-only titling. The movement continued in late 2011 when the first part of "The Intense Roundabout Experience" was released, taking a new direction into a more vague and noisy picture of sound. They Ate Isengard stayed on this path with the next two EPs ["Bullshit" (2012), "The Intense Roundabout Experience Part II" (2013)] and according to Parker the act found itself within the reverb and heavy distortion. By early 2014, the sound had developed even further with the bands first full-length release, "Abstract Corn Cloud", which was critically acclaimed and catapulted the act into minor stardom in the experimental underground scene. By this 5th release, the project had shaken off the colorful artwork and arguably short and simple song structures to instead focus on experimentalism and more abstract sounds and visions, both musically and lyrically. This was also the first release available physically and complete with viewable lyrics on the official store. After only six months, the 5th EP "Gothiac Ciller" containing 5 new tracks introduced a fresher, more sophisticated sound more suitable for commercial success, although the release was relatively quickly forgotten and not very well achieved. In early 2015, a 10-track compilation album entitled "Concrete Whore House" was made available, containing various drafts and b-sides off of Abstract Corn Cloud. This release met greater success than its predecessor, introducing a different side of the project with clean vocals and more conventional song structures at its places, without compromising the experimentality.

In the words of Harvey Parker, the project was first a "fun way to learn your ways around your DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation), but achieved greater success than imagined, inspiring Parker to carry on creating.


  • Harvey Parker (vocals, drums, synth, guitar, bass, percussion)



  • Abstract Corn Cloud (2014)
  • Concrete Whore House (2015)


  • Self-titled (2009)
  • Etoiles Mourantes (2010)
  • The Intense Roundabout Experience Pt. I (2011)
  • Bullshit (2012)
  • The Intense Roundabout Experience Pt. II (2013)
  • Gothiac Ciller (2014)

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