Tightropes' Dirty Mouth
Tightropes' Dirty Mouth
Orgin Pisa
Genres Experimental, Indie, Ambient
Years Active 2012-Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels unsigned
Associated Acts Brian Eno
Official website https://soundcloud.com/tightropesdirtymouth http://www.facebook.com/TightropesDirtyMouth?fref=ts

Tightropes' Dirty Mouth are an experimental band born in Pisa, Italy, in August 2012. The project is meant just to have fun and exchange ideas between two different musical experiences, two diverse attitudes and instrumental techniques; diverse yet compatible. The day the first song was created is unknown so far, because everything is improvised except the choice of the instruments. Apart from the instruments, nothing is planned, not even the very length of the songs and the tempos. Many instruments are involved in their extensive jams:

  • classic guitar: even though the guitarist Salvatore is left-handed, he still manages to use it because Salvatore and Noemi don't plan any rehearsals: their music is driven by the desire to share sounds and be fine. By the way, Salvatore and Noemi exchange instruments, so it doesn't really matter wether the instrument is for left-handed or right-handed people.
  • electric guitar: it belongs to Noemi, so Salvatore plays it upside down
  • a 10 Watt amplifier: its sounds is utterly rough, yet spontaneous and atmospheric
  • a harmonica
  • noodle boxes: Noemi bought a box of noodles at a comic convention in Lucca together with a t-shirt, at an extremely cheap price
  • a bottle
  • the balaustrade of Noemi's bed

The jams draw influences from their their momentary mood; their music is inspired by acoustic artists such as Inti Illimani, and Penguin Cafè Orchestra; black metal bands such as Opeth and Ulver; indie bands such as 90 Day Men and Coco Rosie; and the electronic compositional genius of Brian Eno.
Their songs feature lyrics as well, which talk about their life together not only from a personal but also a metaphysical point of view. Their lyrics are not much serene, they represent the ever-changing and hostile reality, and how they are resisting against it with their love, yet living together its positive aspects. They describe situations that the two of them live together, but they also deal with themes that keep in contact with the sublime and the hyperreal. The lyrics are written in various languages: Italian, English, Spanish and German, as far as now.
The titles are established as they listen back to the songs and write the words that come to their mind. Then they read back the two stories and find some similar words; or they write the beginning of a story and mix their ideas.
The songs are recorded at home with Noemi's iPod, so many times you can hear doors revolving and people talking or entering the room while recording is on air.
Their love for expression in expense of mere technique can be considered part of a typical punk mentality, yet also inspired to the Modernist literature of Daniel Pennac, Charles Bukowski and Stefano Benni.
They want to share their sounds and their positivity, influenced by their relationship; they are apolitical, and only wish to heal the wounds of themselves and of the others.


Salvatore-classic and electric guitar, percussion, voice
Noemi-classic and electric guitar, harmonica, percussion, voice



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