Orgin Hudiksvall, Sweden
Genres D-Beat, Hardcore Punk
Years Active 1984-2006
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Finn Records
Associated Acts Brainbombs, TGU, The Kristet Utseende
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Totalitär is a Swedish hardcore punk and d-beat band formed in 1984-1985 in Hudiksvall. The original members were Poffen, Lanchy, Andreas and Lennart. The drummer Spennart joined the band in 1985 but quit during the summer of 1986. The band had shared members with Brainbombs among others. Jörgen and Jesper from the two-piece band TGU were in the band between 1987 and 1989 before leaving to form the punk band The Kristet Utseende. The band went on a hiatus in 1994, Finn Records proposed reforming the band witb the resulting album Sin Egen Motståndare, their first full-length studio album. Until 2000, the band recorded studio materials but rarely played live. It disbanded in 2000. The band also had a fanzine called Antisystem. In 2006, and after 6 years without recording sessions, they returned to the studio releasing the album Vi Är Eliten.


Poffen - vocals
Andreas - bass
Lanchy - guitar
Jallo Lehto - drums


1994: Sin egen motståndare
1997: Ni måste bort
1999: Sin egen motståndare
2000: Ni måste bort
2007: Vi är eliten

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